Here you will find a review on the fastest hosting websites made from a computer in Washington DC and San Francisco. While doing this review, a total of 16 hosting providers were tested. Here you will find some analysis on the result of this review. Some of the hosting reviewed were iPage, 1&1, Network Solutions, etc.

Among the interesting things found in this review, iPage is much faster on the east coast. It is considerable fast on the east coast but not as fast as it is on the west coast. While 1&1 is the other way around. It is probably because most of the iPage servers are on the east coast while most of the 1&1 servers are on the west coast.

Other thing to consider is that a shared hosting is performing well compared to a VPS hosting. It is expected that a product like AWS to explode all the shared hosting providers, yet both iPage and 1&1 seem to be faster on average than AWS. Another interesting fact is that Arvixe got even slower than in other year’s tests, and they seems to lose a bit of market share.

They were bought by EIG some time ago and now they seem to share their hosting servers with A small Orange which is another EIG company. The idea here is to show the fastest hosting, yet Bluehost completely fell off, managing to be twice as slow as the second slowest company Host Gator.

Some recommendations on Fastest Hosting

iPage is the hosting service which is currently offering the best shared Hosting for domains product, which could be useful if you do not receive as many visitors per month. They are cheap, they have all the necessary features and they are fast, the important thing here. They are owned by EIG yet they appear as a separate entity, on different servers and they have a less spam-looking website administration.

If on the other side, you do not want to work with EIG, a safe bet would be Inmotion Hosting. They offer a good product, good support and fast features. 1&1 hosting is also a good option, they have a nice website builder which is a good option for those non-programmers looking to use a website.  

If you are ready to move to a VPS server, either AWS or Linode can offer you a good product, since you receive more than 10million visitors monthly. Both can offer you a better deal as you do not use some AWS specific features.

Testing Methods

For analyzing the fastest hosting you need to consider a lot of factors that will influence the website loading speed, many of them are not on the hands of a web host. Yet, the factors which are on the hands of a web host are the ones you would like to analyze and compare between hosting providers.

There are two main factors, the servers processing power and the bandwidth of the website content. Other variable that can be account for is physical location of the testing computer, since a website whose host is placed on the east coast will take longer to load from a computer on the west coast than on the other way.

Also, to test websites that were regularly used, but not large google-like websites, because most of the big websites have special technologies for website loading. A good option is to test the speed of websites getting anywhere from 300-10,000 monthly visitors. Trying to run the same test a few times, might help to try to measure the variance and see if there are substantial changes.



As its name says, a dedicated server hosts just one sire, unlike a shared server, which powers multiple sites. When you are going to invest in a dedicated server, the website stability and reliability are the main benefits. You should not underestimate the importance of these benefits in terms of speed and reliability.

If you build your website on a shared server it means your pages might get affected by the site next to them which will devour too many resources. For example, your site might load slowly or not load at all. Investing in a dedicated server will highly reduce this potential problem and it will give the system administrators a greater control over the apps and scripts that they can install on the server, too.

When it comes to what you are allowed to do, a shared hosting is way more limited because everything you do will potentially affect the other sites you share in that server. When you have the server as a whole for yourself, any of your information will affect anyone else’s bandwidth and RAM.

How Much You Can Expect to Pay with a Dedicated Server

Although a dedicated hostsounds great and it is, you should be aware of its relative high price. Setting up one of these services might cost you more than $100 a month; on the other hand, a shared service can cost under $10 a month. Also, you will need to manage firewalls and the maintenance by yourself unless you opt for a managed server, although it will cost even more.

You should considering a dedicated web hosting if you really need that level of server power, since it is not cheap. If you plan to create a blog or a business website you could opt for a shared hosting, a managed WordPress hosting or a VPS hosting. If you really need to use a dedicated hosting, you could save some money by signing up for a year or more in one of these services.

The thing is, if you are serious about your site, you are probably planning for it to be up for more than a year. That is when the saving money part comes and some sites definitely offer more than others in that regard do, so it is important that you do your research work.

The features you willneed

You will want a dedicated serverwith an important amount of disk space for storing files, 1TB or more. You could choose either a traditional hard drive or a solid-state drive. Solid-state drives are faster and more reliable than HDDs, yet they cost more money and do not have a storage capacity as big as others do.

On the other side, traditional hard drives do have larger capacities and the prices are lower. They are not as strong as their SSD counterparts. Depending on the storage speed you think you will need, a traditional hard drive will do the job.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is really important if you want to sell products. A SSL connection does encrypt the data that flows between your site and the one of the user, in that way it will safeguard the transmission of the purchased information. The green padlock in your web browser’s address while you are checking your bank account online is a symbol of trust.


You need to look for the cheapest SSL plans since while some companies will include a free SSL certificate, others will charge close to $100. If your project is a short one, you will usually receive a refund if you cancer the service within 60 days. Some other companies offer guarantees of money-back within 30 days. Again, the only thing you need to do is think wisely.

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